Indoor Air Quality Services

Did you know that the air inside your home may be unhealthier to breathe than the air outside? It’s true: the EPA has discovered that in oor air quality is often three to four times worse than outdoor air quality. But before you get worried, you should know there are many ways to improve indoor air quality inside a home. McCreery & Sun Of Colorado offers a wide range of different IAQ solutions. You can trust our EPA-certified technicians to find the right methods to boost your home environment so that everyone in it enjoys healthier air. You’ll find a list of many of our services below. Call us to learn more about how we can help you in Greely.

Pollutants That Can Negatively Affect Your Air Quality
There is a large range of contaminants that can enter the air of a home. Unless a house has constant outside ventilation—which isn’t possible during large stretches of the year—these irritants will begin to accumulate until they become comfort and health hazards:
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs): Gases that can create nausea, breathing difficulties, and central nervous system damage. They come from many places in a house, including paint, cosmetics, fuel, hobby products, and even office supplies such as printers.
  • Mold and  bacteria: The idea of mold growing in hidden parts of a house is extremely unpleasant—and it’s definitely something you want eliminated from your house. Some molds give off toxic spores, and there’s a variety of other harmful bacteria that can develop indoors.
  • Pet dander: The dander from pets is one of the main triggers for allergies and asthma.
  • Carbon monoxide (CO): This colorless and odorless gas is highly toxic, and even in small concentrations can create dizziness, headaches, and nausea.
This is only a sampling of the pollutants that can be affecting conditions in your home. A professional can help find out what specific issues you need to address, and then supply you with installation of the right set of purifiers, filters, or other devices.

Indoor Air Quality and Humidity Levels
Trying to achieve comfort inside a house is about more than seeing that the temperature is the right level. The humidity levels must be balanced as well, usually between 30% and 50%. If the humidity is too high, it will make the house damp and people in it will feel hotter. If the humidity is too low, it will add an edge to cold temperatures and make it easier for illness to spread. There are other problems connected to the two humidity extremes, and you want to avoid all of them if you can help it. Our professionals can install whole–house solutions to both dry and damp indoor air.

We Also Offer Duct Services
The ventilation system in your home is essential to see that you not only have comfort distributed evenly around the rooms, but also that you enjoy the best air quality. Our technicians are skilled at inspecting ductwork and detecting places where air leaks are causing a loss in energy efficiency and a drop in air quality. You can leave the work of sealing up these air leaks to us!

McCreery & Sun Of Colorado is glad to handle any air quality problems you may have, and all of our technicians are EPA certified. Simply give us a call in the Greely area and we’ll find the right IAQ solutions.

Air Filtration Systems
One of the most basic ways to clean the air in a home—and yet still one of the most effective and energy efficient—is through a set of air filters designed to trap airborne particles. Let our IAQ experts match your HVAC system with the air filters that will get rid of unwanted pollutants without affecting AC and heater performance.

Air Purifiers
Some minute particles smaller than 0.3 microns can slip through the mesh of a mechanical filter. For these gases, chemicals, and odor molecules, an electronic air purifier may be the right defense. Our experts will find the right type of air purifier to deal with the specific contaminants present in your air.

At certain times of the year, the biggest threat to your indoor comfort will come from a rise in your home’s humidity levels. An air conditioning system can only do so much against this. A professionally installed whole–house dehumidifier is the best way to create balanced humidity that will increase comfort and protect your house from water damage and mold growth.

Duct Inspections
Did you know that the ducts in your ventilation system may be working against you? If there are leaks in the ducts, or places where heat can easily enter or escape, your whole HVAC system will start to waste money. Arrange for duct inspections with our professionals so we can find out what needs to be done.

Duct Sealing
When we find that there are air leaks in your ducts, we’ll take steps to see that your ducts are sealed up. No, this isn’t a job for commercial duct tape, so put that tape roll back in the drawer. Our experts will use special metallic tapes as well as mastic to close up the holes in the ductwork and restore your ventilation system.

Energy Recovery Ventilators
These devices, also known as ERVs, are a way to bring fresh air into your home during both summer and winter without creating extra stress on your heating and cooling system. An ERV allows you to enjoy a much cleaner and healthier indoors without driving your energy bills up through the roof. It helps with humidity balance as well.

Heat Recovery Ventilators
HRVs are quite similar to energy recovery ventilators, although there are a few changes. They work better for cold weather, but they do not have the humidity balancing capabilities. Our indoor air quality professionals will help you make the right choice between an ERV and an HRV for your home, and also supply any other service the devices may require.

Air that’s too dry can turn into a major problem during one of our winters. Dry air means cracked and itchy skin, the easy transmission of illnesses, and a sharper edge to the cold. But with a whole–house humidifier installed into your HVAC system, you can enjoy the right balance of indoor humidity all winter long.

UV Air Purifiers
One of the more worrisome of air pollutants are the organic kind: bacteria, viruses, mold spores. Such unwanted contaminants require a special kind of remedy, and a UV purifier is one of the best methods. The ultraviolet radiation from the air purifier lamps effectively and safely eliminates many types of organic irritants.