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Tank Water Heaters

McCreery & Sun Of Colorado - Tank Water Heaters

When people think about residential water heaters, the picture that comes to mind is a tank water heater. Also known as storage water heaters, these systems keep a supply of water in a tank at a constant temperature. Even with new technological developments for water heaters, these models remain popular.

McCreery & Sun Of Colorado offers complete service for tank water heaters in the Greely, CO area. If you’re interested in finding out more about how to receive the finest water heater performance possible, whether that means a tank water heater or another type, simply give our technicians a call.

To arrange for repairs, installation, replacement, or maintenance for tank water heaters in Greely, CO or the surrounding areas, contact McCreery & Sun Of Colorado. The Finest in Heating and Cooling since 1974!

Do Storage Tank Water Heaters Offer Any Advantages?

When considering a new installation or replacement for a water heater, it might seem regressive to simply go with the well–known tank water heater. There are new technological options available, such as tankless and solar water heaters, so are there any reasons to stick with a tank water heater?

Sometimes there are. It’s different for each homeowner, of course, and this is why you should always seek help from professionals so that you make the best choice. When it comes to tank water heaters, they’re often a good option for households on a budget, since they cost less to install upfront than other types of units. They also provide hot water to taps quickly, with little lag time.

In cases of homes that have used tank water heaters for many years, it’s often easier to replace it with another of the same model. If you have professionals handle all the steps of the replacement/installation, there’s no reason you shouldn’t end up with a tank water heater that always meets your supply requirements and deliver many years of service.

Signs You Should Call for Tank Water Heater Repair

You should never wait for call our technicians to repair your water heater when you notice any of these warning signs:

Drop in hot water volume:
If your water heater is running out of hot water earlier than it used to, it can mean a broken dip tube or problems with the heat exchanger. Professionals can take care of these troubles.
At the first signs of reddish discoloration appearing in your hot water, arrange for repair work to find out what’s wrong.
A water heater should never leak. If you see water starting to form puddles around the base of the water heater tank, call for help right away.
The sound of rumbling from the tank doesn’t mean it’s on the verge of blowing up. But it’s cautionary sign of overheating or other problems.

Water Heater Maintenance Is Necessary

A tank water heater is designed to prevent corrosion from starting, but these precautions are only effective if the system receives annual check–ups and maintenance service annually. There are other components in the water heater, such as the circulator pump and the expansion tank, that can wear down over time, and maintenance will see that they stay in the best shape possible. When you sign up for regular maintenance for your tank water heater, you’re making an investment in its long–term service.

No matter what work you require when it comes to a tank water heater for your household, you’ll find the technicians with the right expertise and equipment in Greely, CO at McCreery & Sun Of Colorado.