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McCreery & Sun Of Colorado - Humidifier

You can go to a store or shop online to purchase a portable room humidifier. These small devices may serve to help increase humidity levels in one location, like a baby’s room, but they’re not good solutions for actually balancing humidity in a home when conditions become too dry. Only a professionally installed whole-house humidifier, which indoor air quality experts integrate into an HVAC system, can deliver a balance of moisture that will combat the troubles that dry air can create in a household.

Seeing that homes have the ideal balance of humidity is one of our jobs at McCreery & Sun Of Colorado. We install whole-house humidifiers and dehumidifiers, and also handle any other services they may require. If you’re a homeowner in Greely who believes that your indoor conditions are too dry, simply contact us today to set up an appointment. We’ll solve everything so you can enjoy the pleasant home life you deserve.

McCreery & Sun Of Colorado offers complete services for whole-house humidifiers in Greely, CO and the surrounding areas. The Finest in Heating and Cooling since 1974!

Problems That a Whole–House Humidifier Solves

People are used to thinking of high humidity as the main enemy of comfort. But dry air causes as many problems, and during the winter it can make conditions miserable. Here are some troubles in your home that a humidifier combats:

Cold weather discomfort:
Lack of moisture in the air allows for heat to rapidly escape from the human body (the reverse of what occurs in humid conditions). This makes low temperatures feel even worse.
Energy waste:
When people feel colder because of dry air, it means running the heating system more often than normal, raising bills.
Fast spread of illnesses:
One of the symptoms of low humidity is a drying of sinuses and mucus membranes. These are a crucial defense against the spread of diseases such as colds and flus. A household with dry air will probably be a house with a higher rate of illness
Building and furnishing damage:
Dry air also pulls moisture out of wood objects and painted surfaces, leading them to peel and crack. This can also damage precision wooden instruments.

Professional Humidifier Installation

A whole–house humidifier isn’t a large appliance that sits free in a room in your house. It’s placed inside the HVAC system to work with the heating and air conditioning. The humidifier is connected to the freshwater system, and it spreads water across a wide pad to make it easier for water vapor to enter the air that passes through the humidifier and to the rest of the house. A control device called a humidistat allows the homeowner to set the humidity level so the house doesn’t become too humid. Trust this work to professional installers so that you’ll feel confident the humidifier will do the job it’s supposed to.

You Can Depend on Us for Humidifier Services

Our indoor air quality team at McCreery & Sun Of Colorado does more than find and install the right whole–house humidifier to see to your household’s comfort and energy needs. We are also skilled repair and maintenance technicians. If you notice that your home is becoming dry once more, or humidity levels have spiked, you only need to contact us for fast repairs—or a replacement if necessary—for your humidifier. We also see to the routine needs of the humidifier each year with our inspections and maintenance. And if you need a dehumidifier for other times of the year, we install and service those as well. We have your comfort and air quality needs covered in Greely!