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Energy Recovery Ventilators

McCreery & Sun Of Colorado - Energy Recovery Ventilators

Are there days during the deep chill of winter, or at the hot height of summer, when you want a pleasant breeze of fresh air to flow through the house and sweep away all the stale air? That’s sound nice, but of course you can’t do it. Opening up windows and doors would allow in either blasts of cold air or searing heat, and you’d have to try to overcome this by running the air conditioning or heating system overtime. The inflated bills and discomfort just aren’t worth it.

But you don’t need to deal with this dilemma! There’s a method of bringing fresh air indoors without making your energy bills suffer. McCreery & Sun Of Colorado can install an energy recovery ventilator (ERV) in your home’s HVAC system. If you live in the Greely area, contact our indoor air quality specialists to discover more about the advantages of an energy recovery ventilator.

The professionals at McCreery & Sun Of Colorado offer installation and other services for energy recovery ventilators in Greely, CO and the surrounding areas. The Finest in Heating and Cooling since 1974!

What an Energy Recovery Ventilator Does

Essentially, an ERV is a device that takes outdoor air and either pre–heats or pre–cools it using a current of indoor air. The stale indoor air gets exhausted to the outside, and the fresh air replaces it, already either warmed up or cooled down to match your indoor comfort levels. You’ll enjoy better air quality with fewer contaminants, but you won’t also have to endure elevated heating/cooling bills. Think of it as a way of opening up your home to the outside without suffering any of the downsides.

An ERV also helps balance humidity indoors. As the indoor air and outdoor air swap places, moisture moves between them. Dry air becomes more humid, and humid air becomes drier. You’ll end up with the balance you want.

What Makes an ERV Different from an HRV?

There is another indoor air quality device that’s similar to an energy recovery ventilator, which is a heat recovery ventilator (HRV). We also offer installation of HRVs, and can help you make the choice between which kind is best for your home. What separates an ERV from and HRV is that an HRV does not have humidity balancing capabilities: moisture doesn’t transfer between the currents of indoor and outdoor air. But HRVs can provide advantages in colder weather, and in some situations you’ll be better off going with a heat recovery ventilator. Trust to us to have the unit installed that matches your needs.

Other Services for ERV Systems

An energy recovery ventilator that receives a professional installation should work well for many years. But there’s no guarantee it won’t run into malfunctions at some point, so if you notice that you aren’t getting the right balanced air quality from your HRV you expect, call us. We’ll take care of repairing the system. In some cases, it’s better to simply replace an aging ERV with a new one. You can also leave this work to us.

No matter if you’re looking for an energy recovery ventilator, heat recovery ventilator, or another way to improve the quality of the air in your home, you’ll find answers at McCreery & Sun Of Colorado. We have a long history of providing homes in Greely with the comfort services they need.