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Duct Sealing

McCreery & Sun Of Colorado - Duct Sealing

The ductwork that carries heated and cooled air throughout your home and into the rooms does its job hidden from sight. Because you can’t see it, you’ll probably think of the ducts as protected from suffering damage. But this is far from the truth. Air leaks in ducts occur often, especially with a ventilation system that received an inferior installation in the first place. These leaks cause multiple troubles, and the only way to fix them (aside from replacing the ducts entirely) is through sealing them.

But if you should suspect that you have leaky air ducts, don’t reach for the duct tape! Instead, reach for the phone and contact McCreery & Sun Of Colorado. This is a job for HVAC experts only! We have the EPA-certified technicians in Greely who will quickly and accurately make your ductwork airtight once more.

In Greely, CO and the surrounding areas, you can rely on McCreery & Sun Of Colorado for duct sealing services. The Finest in Heating and Cooling since 1974!

The Importance of Sealing Ducts

Why do leaks in ducts require sealing? It’s because ductwork is designed—ideally, at least—to maintain a seal against the loss of air pressure along its length. When the integrity of ducts is compromised, it compromises the performance of the entire HVAC system. Up to 30% of the air moving through the ventilation system will escape through these gaps, which will place extra strain on the heater and air conditioner and cause a rise in customer utility bills. The plunge in air pressure will also result in a decline in comfort as air flow from the vents also drops. Finally, holes in the ducts can permit dust and other debris to infiltrate the HVAC system, lowering air quality and damaging the heater and AC.

Duct Sealing Is Not a Do–It–Yourself Job

Be honest: when you heard duct sealing, did you immediately think, "Ah, that’s what duct tape is actually for"? Here’s the odd truth: not only was duct tape not invented to work on ducts, it’s almost worthless when it comes to ducts. But even if duct tape were an effective solution to leaks in ductwork, you wouldn’t be able to access the ducts yourself or find the holes in them—not unless you are a professional with the right equipment.

Duct sealing experts use a variety of tools to do their job. Power vacuums allow them to pinpoint the leaks. Mastic sealant and special metallic tapes (the "real" duct tape) let them close up hole and gaps so they stay closed.

We Offer Professional Duct Sealing in the Area

When you start to suspect that your ventilation system is losing air pressure to gaps because bills are rising and comfort is dropping, don’t hesitate to call on McCreery & Sun Of Colorado. Our EPA–certified team will first inspect your ducts and locate where the problems are occurring. Then, they’ll get to work seeing that the integrity of the ductwork is restored so that it is airtight once more. After they are done, you’ll have an HVAC system that’s once again working at peak efficiency and without threats to air quality or comfort.