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McCreery & Sun Of Colorado - Dehumidifier

“It’s not so much the heat, it’s the humidity.” You’re bound to hear this old saying on a hot summer day when high levels of moisture are making everyone feel even hotter. But it’s true: high humidity traps heat inside the human body by slowing down perspiration, making the temperature seem warmer than it actually is. There’s not much you can do about high humidity outdoors—but you can control it inside your home, thanks to the installation of a whole-house dehumidifier.

The place to start with balancing indoor humidity levels is at McCreery & Sun Of Colorado. We install, repair, replace, and maintain whole-house dehumidifiers (and humidifiers). Contact us the Greely area today and we’ll help you enjoy better comfort and other benefits in your home with a dehumidifier.

McCreery & Sun Of Colorado offers installation and other services for whole-house dehumidifiers in Greely, CO and the surrounding areas. The Finest in Heating and Cooling since 1974!

How Does a Whole–House Dehumidifier Actually Work?

A dehumidifier operates in a very similar fashion to an air conditioning system. In fact, an air conditioner has dehumidifying properties, since it draws down moisture from the air as it absorbs ambient heat. However, an AC isn’t specifically designed as a dehumidifier and won’t do an effective job at balancing relative humidity in a house. It takes a dedicated dehumidifier for that job.

A dehumidifier is integrated into an HVAC system near the air conditioner, where it uses a refrigerant coil to cause evaporation. This evaporation causes moisture to collect along the coil, removing it from the air along with heat. However, to prevent interference with the air conditioner, the dehumidifier heats up the air after it removes the moisture. The moisture then exits the system through a drain. A device called a humidistat controls the level of dehumidification, much like a thermostat controls temperature.

Ways a Dehumidifier Installation Will Benefit Your Home

Dehumidifier offers more than one benefit to a household. Here are some advantages you can gain from a professionally installed unit:

Increased comfort:
Balanced humidity will make a hot day feel 8—10°F cooler for everyone indoors.
Summer energy savings:
When people feel cooler on those hot days, the air conditioner will need to run less often. Over the summer this can add up to significant savings.
Protection from water damage:
High moisture levels can mean water damage to walls and wooden surfaces and the development of wood rot. A dehumidifier stops these problems at the source.
Discouraging mold and mildew:
Mildew is unattractive, and mold can actually pose threats to indoor air quality. Both will also damage building material. Balancing humidity prevents these problems.

Complete Service for Dehumidifiers in Greely

A dehumidifier, much like the air conditioning system it’s assisting, may run into malfunctions on occasion. And as with an air conditioner, you should not make any attempt to fix it by yourself or ask for an amateur to do it. We’re here to help out! You can contact our skilled technicians when you find that your home is growing too humid, and they’ll fix the broken dehumidifier. They will also assist with regular maintenance, seeing that it’s taken care of along with the air conditioning system each year.

Balancing humidity in a home is vital for comfort and energy savings, and at McCreery & Sun Of Colorado we’re experienced with seeing that houses are neither too damp nor too dry. Whether you need a dehumidifier, a humidifier, or both, look to us for effective and professional service.