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Air Filtration Systems

McCreery & Sun Of Colorado - Air Filtration Systems

There are many different methods and devices that experts use to help homes achieve higher indoor air quality. But one of the simplest is also often one of the best: mechanical air filters. The idea behind air filtration systems is a basic one, which is trapping particles that try to move through them in a mesh of fibers. For many homes, the right air filter is all that’s necessary to remove the pollutants that are creating comfort and health issues.

No matter what type of filter your home requires, or pairing of a filter with another indoor air quality device, the company to come to in Greely is McCreery & Sun Of Colorado. We have a team of EPA-certified technicians who can guarantee that you’ll receive the level of service you want to enjoy a healthier and more comfortable home.

The professionals at McCreery & Sun Of Colorado offer air filtration systems in Greely, CO and the surrounding areas. The Finest in Heating and Cooling since 1974!

Are Air Filtration Systems Effective?

Yes! Or at least they can be if they’re selected and installed correctly. Modern air filters have an effectiveness range that is measured as MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value). The most basic filters, such as those found on window air conditioners, are MERV 3 and will only catch large particles. But professionals can equip your HVAC system with a MERV 8 filter that will target pollutants down to 0.3 microns in size with greater than 99% effectiveness. That means getting rid of dust, dirt, pet dander, dust mites, pollen, auto emission particulates, and numerous other irritants. There are even more powerful filters available than this.

Why You Need Professionals for Air Filters Installation

You need to exercise some caution with how powerful a filter you choose for your home, however. An extremely high MERV rating for a filter, such as the HEPA filter found in many hospitals and commercial buildings, may block most allergens and pollutants, but it will also stop air flow from a residential HVAC system that isn’t powerful enough to overcome its tight fiber weave. If you don’t work with a professional when it comes to installing an air filtration system for your home, you may end up damaging your heater and air conditioner and severely limit your comfort. Make sure that you always call indoor air quality professionals so that you end up with the right filter or pairing of filter and purifier.

We Provide Full Air Filter Services in Greely

McCreery & Sun Of Colorado cares about the air that you and your family breathe, and we want you to enjoy the height of comfort and health in your home all through the year. When you contact our EPA–certified technicians, they’ll go to work pinpointing the right methods to eliminate the pollutants from your homes. This means locating the right filters, installing them correctly, and then providing whatever necessary repairs and maintenance they may require in the future. We’ll combine the filters with any other devices that will help improve your home environment, such as electronic air purifiers, UV air purifiers, and energy recovery ventilators. Get in touch with our team today!