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Gas Furnaces

McCreery & Sun Of Colorado - Gas Furnace

When you picture a whole-home heating system, chances are high that the picture in your head is a gas furnace. Gas furnaces are so popular for many reasons. Manufacturers keep making improvements to system performance and efficiency. They are designed for temperature accuracy and precision heating you won’t find in older models. Gas furnaces are reliable and sturdy, and run into few problems over their lives if you take good care of them.

A gas furnace has many benefits, but only if you do your part in keeping the system in the best shape possible. And some of the best people to help you with this task are the friendly professionals at McCreery & Sun Of Colorado. We have all of the experience necessary to ensure your new gas furnace is in place properly, and that you get ongoing services to keep it running at its best.

McCreery & Sun Of Colorado provides repair and maintenance services in Greeley, CO and the surrounding areas. Call us today!

Options for Gas Furnace Installation

The top brand names have an assortment of heating systems available, and it can be tough to choose one if you know little about furnaces in the first place. One of the most important things is that you get a system with the right heating capacity for the space in your home. Incorrect sizing can lead to short–cycling, poor efficiency, and even a premature system failure, so do not settle on a furnace before having an expert size your home.

Once you know the size you need for your home, you can think about the additional features you might want in a new heating system. A high–efficiency heating system with an AFUE rating above 90 is going to save you the most money from month to month. Variable speed blowers mean better temperature accuracy, and you can also add on a Wi–Fi thermostat or a zone control system to gain even more control over the temperatures at any given time or in any place in the home.

Do You Need Gas Furnace Repair?

Then call our heating technicians and we will come out as soon as possible. You cannot get by without a working heating system for long on the coldest nights of winter, and you should not service your own gas furnace without the proper training. Attempting to service a gas heater without any experience can lead to safety issues or higher energy costs due to a faulty repair.

Another thing to note is that you ought to call technicians from the moment you notice a problem. Don’t wait until a noise from the furnace turns into a sudden heater breakdown before calling in a professional. While the system is not operating properly, you’re paying higher costs anyway. Get an expert to look at the system ASAP, and consider gas furnace maintenance services to prevent problems from developing in the first place.

Make McCreery & Sun Of Colorado your go–to source for all things related to your home comfort systems. We install and service residential and commercial gas furnaces in the Greeley, CO area.