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Zone Control Systems

McCreery & Sun Of Colorado - Zone Control System

It can be tough for family members to come to an agreement about the temperatures in the home. One family member might feel that 77 degrees is too warm for the summer, while another keeps the temperature higher so as not to feel too cold. You want everyone in the home to feel comfortable, and you want to avoid the occasional bickering that comes when someone in the home wants the temperature changed. That’s when it’s time to install a zone control system.

Professionals can help you achieve better temperature accuracy throughout the home and allow for individualized room temperature changes with the installation of a zone control system. Zone control is an excellent choice for someone with a large space or a number of people trying to keep comfortable under one roof.

McCreery & Sun Of Colorado installs and services zone control systems in Greeley, CO. Call us today!

What Is a Zone Control System?

A zone control system involves a set of dampers that open and close to let air into a room or zone or to keep it out. It includes a control system that connects to thermostats placed in different rooms or zones of the home, but there is still a central thermostat to make sure you can have consistent temperatures as well.

When someone in the living room wants to keep the home at 70 degrees, and you want it warmer, you can always move into a bedroom or another area with a thermostat that you can control without affecting the rest of the house. Zone control also helps to keep temperatures consistent throughout the home since it allows for better control of airflow into rooms that are typically tough to heat or cool.

How Is Zone Heating and Cooling Installed?

Zone air conditioning and heating systems are not simple to install. A professional will likely have to cut into your duct system to get all of the dampers in. Complex wiring is involved as well, and if done incorrectly, the installation could affect the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems in a negative way. Such a tough job requires the expertise of professionals who have been putting in zone control systems for years. They can use the right tools to ensure proper sealing of the ductwork after installation so that your air conditioning and heating systems can operate more efficiently than they did before.

How Do I Schedule Service?

If you schedule service with a trained professional, the installation is likely to go a lot more smoothly than if you let an amateur attempt to do the job. Schedule service with one of our technicians today, and we’ll be happy to help you understand the process and fit you in at a time that works for you. Remember, the process will take several hours, so be prepared to feel comfortable having technicians over for a while. Thankfully, our technicians are committed to providing excellent customer service, and we always strive to make it a positive experience. Call us today to get zone control in Greeley, CO!