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Ductless Systems

McCreery & Sun Of Colorado - Ductless Systems

Most central heating and air conditioning systems require a set of air ducts so that air and heat can move throughout the home. However, older homes were not built with any ductwork. In some cases, the air ducts in a home are so dilapidated that replacing them would take up a lot of a homeowner’s time. But even if you do not have any ductwork at all, you can get a central air system that works just as efficiently and effectively as a conventional air conditioner or heat pump.

A ductless system may be the right choice for your home. Throw out those portable air and heating units and call the friendly local professionals at McCreery & Sun Of Colorado to learn more. We install and replace ductless systems, and we provide repair and maintenance services for these systems as well.

McCreery & Sun Of Colorado provides ductless systems and services in Greeley, CO and the surrounding areas. Call us today!

How Ductless AC and Heating Works

Ductless heating and cooling systems, also known as ductless mini split systems, use heat pump technology to move heat from one place to another, for both heating and cooling a space. A refrigerant line links the inside and outside units together. The outside portion looks much like a standard AC or heat pump’s outdoor unit. The indoor blower units are mounted high up on the wall or suspended from the ceiling to move air and heat directly into that room or zone. Usually, one outdoor unit can have up to 4 indoor blower units.

Refrigerant moves around from the outdoor unit to the indoor units. This chemical blend can absorb heat from the air around it as it evaporates and release heat into the air when it condenses. In the summer, the ductless air conditioner absorbs heat from the inside of your home, releasing it to the outdoors to cool down the room. In cold weather, this process reverses, and it absorbs heat from the outside to bring indoors. This may become less efficient when temperatures drop.

Ductless heating and AC systems are reliable, efficient, and effective. You can control the air and heat from a central thermostat or you can adjust the temperatures in each zone separately with individual thermostats for each blower unit as well.

Service Your Ductless Mini Split Today

If you notice problems with your ductless mini split system, call in a professional right away. It’s important to catch problems early on, so pay attention to any strange noises or any reduction in the cooling power of the system. An expert can help you to make sure that your ductless mini split remains as efficient as possible, and can prevent the problem from getting any worse.

We are a team of honest and trustworthy technicians who will tell you exactly what is wrong with your system and will never try to sell you an upgrade or service that won’t truly benefit you. Get a new ductless split system, routine maintenance services, repairs, or replacements from the experts at McCreery & Sun Of Colorado. We service systems for homes in Greeley, CO and the surrounding areas. Call us today!